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on February 19, 2016
blooms in feb???

blooms in feb???

Update on last year’s Cayenne pepper plant that I brought into the house. It actually has blooms on it. Incredible, if I do say so myself.  So what happen? What is different from last year? Well, first: I sealed the window from the inside, so NO drafts……Then I raised the ledge and opened the heater vent on the other side of the room so that warm air blows right on the plant. It does dry-out the soil, but resist over-watering it. After all, this is last year’s plant–not a seedling— and it’s pretty strong. Plus, wind makes plants stronger anyways……Kind of like walking makes bones stronger.

(Don’t forget, you can click the photos for a bigger image….if you care)

Also, I have 2 pots of tomato seedlings with 3 seedling each.  They also like it on the new, raised up window ledge…..Started them February 2nd in the bathroom. The bathroom is a great place to germinate the seeds of any plant that require darkness and tropical condition.  At some point, I will have to choose between the six seedlings.

And one Heirloom bell pepper plant. By the way, if you can get a pepper plant to germinate in February, you rock.…..Expect to have some duds…..It’s hard to germinate peppers in the winter, and even if they germinate, it still hard to keep them alive. I attack these causalities by throwing down lots of seeds. And if all that fails, I go to the store…….Economically, it may be cheaper to go to the store for a pepper plant or wait till April to direct plant peppers…..But a ‘real’ garner should know how to do it themselves…… in case society fails……you know… That’s my philosophy anyway…..If you ain’t got it, then I do……..

P.S. Of late, I have found posting difficult. Don’t like the new system on WP…..Plus I had to update to Windows 10……nightmare, if you ask me….But, just have to keep telling myself: Feel young, go with the changes.  You have no choice. You will be absorbed by the Borg……….





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  1. cmmarcum says:

    Peppers are hard…..First ones to germinate in the house, last ones to transplant outside, and much babying in between…..One thing you can do is just wait until April and direct plant your seeds in a mound….Arizona, right…….I suggest afternoon shade…..One thing us Southerners have to be careful about: When Yankees talk or write about gardening, they ain’t talking about OUR sunshine……they are talking about that wimpy northern light……Basically, I’ve come to decide that if I am uncomfortable, the plant is uncomfortable too. I don’t want to stand up beside a brick building in July, and neither to they…………whahah…..I like afternoon shade and so do they. I don’t want to drown, but I do like a sip of water….My grandma use to put ice cubes on potted plants in the summer…….

    • yellopig says:

      Yep, Arizona. I hide the pepper plants behind the tomatoes & cucumbers, and then cover the whole lot with about 10% shade. The ice cubes sounds like a good idea too, but I use them up myself faster than the fridge can make them, haha.

  2. yellopig says:

    I haven’t got peppers to start, ever. But I haven’t been trying very long, so I still have naïve hopes, hehe.

    Speaking of hopes, whenever I think that I might could feed myself out of my own garden, I always get stopped by this question: How much bread do I eat? And then I look around at this hot-as-heck, dry-as-heck, rocky hillside I live on and wonder where I would put a wheat field big enough to get a loaf of bread every two weeks?

    I’m not a big fan of WP’s new system, either. I have a couple of backdoor links to the old system, and every time I go to use them, I fear that they will have been disabled in favor of the new stuff. 😛

    Does Windoze-10 work with the Internet turned off? If I upgrade, that will be a big question…

    • cmmarcum says:

      I replied to you yellopig, but I don’t think I hit the right reply button on your comment. Sorry, out of practice…..see site, if you interested.

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