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Saving Sargent Pepper

on January 4, 2016
cayenne pepper

cayenne pepper

So last year’s Cayenne pepper plant did so well that I thought I might try to save it. By the middle of September, it was 3 or 4 times as tall as in the picture, and I knew that I did not want that much plant in the house, so I pruned it, being careful to keep enough of the two main forks….enough being just a guess on my part. Ha-Ha

I let it recuperate for a couple of weeks, then I un-potted it and even rinsed all the dirt off the roots. Then I re-potted it in fresh, bug free soil. I did take it out a few times for rainfall. (there’s something magical in rainfall) and quickly brought it back in before the aphids started flitting about again.

At first, all the leaves fell off, and I thought uh-oh. But the limbs remained supple. And look at it now. Ta-Da.

I water it as little as possible and smile at it often. And when I do water it I use slightly warm water. Once or twice on sunny days I have spritzed it with Epsom Salt. I am so glad that I do not have to coax another pepper plant next month. Pepper plants are perennial. Well, 4 or 5 years, anyway.



3 responses to “Saving Sargent Pepper

  1. Kalamain says:

    I had a Cayenne that lasted 4 years then it seemed to just give up. It was green enough, what little growth I got.. It just didn’t put out flowers!

    This year I kept my Jalapeño plant. With luck it will crop as well next year!

    • cmmarcum says:

      Since I have pruned it so severely, I am wondering if it will be a little stunted next year.
      But then I don’t really mind if it is — I wound-up giving most of the peppers away.

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