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Gnats in the House

on October 10, 2015
Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Now is the time to get a big, ole bag of potting soil. Place it in a pot and sit it on the back porch where not one drop of water touches it. Not even misty rain.

Turn the soil a couple of times, until top is bottom and bottom is top. Otherwise ignore it. When the soil is powdery dry and much time has passed, you can be certain than not one single gnat egg is left alive in it, and much of the bacteria will also be dead.

In the Spring, this soil may be used for starting seedlings without fear of bring gnats into the house…….At least, it works for me…..

However, be warned: If you bring one single, infected plant into the house, all this will be for naught. Sometimes, if the winter is especially warm, I will also forgo saving table scraps to start the new year off right. And of course, if you already have infected plants in the house, this will not work for you.


2 responses to “Gnats in the House

  1. Kalamain says:

    Have you tried the “vinegar in a bowl” and the “sticky card” methods?
    Here in the UK we don’t suffer them so much, but they are effective from what my US friends tell me.

    • cmmarcum says:

      Oh, yes. Apple cider also works good and smells better.
      But my goal is not to have gnats in the first place. BTW: I have also noticed that I do not have aphids on my seedlings anymore either, since I started doing this.
      Thanks for the comment, Kal

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