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on August 15, 2015

El Nino Predicted for Fall 2015

Wetter: Southern US from California to the Carolina’s then up parts of the East Coast. Temperatures warmer in the early winter and cooler in the late winter and early spring…… as spoken by the National Weather Service. Not me.

If this holds true, it should be an excellent Fall garden, provided that you have good drainage. And I do. And an excellent time to plant flowers and fruit that should be planted in the Fall:

My faves in Flowers: Bulbs, Asters, Coreopsis, Lavender, Sweet William, Alyssum, Bachelor Button, Nasturtium, Pansy, Zinnia. (I will concentrate more on the first 5 as they are perennials and I always find myself short on fall blooms. To be noted: some of the others are re-seeders, so it’s almost like they are perennials.)

My faves in Herbs: German Chamomile, Chives, Mints, Parsley, Sage and maybe even enough time to sneak in a little Dill without the monarch butterflies eating it all up. Same goes for the parsley. Then plant garlic after the first frost.

For the Garden:

Onions at the top of this list and taking 85-150 days till harvest, so probably the first thing to start because of the long growing period. Onion can withstand temps as low as 20F. I’ll be doing that real soon. At least some of them. Oooh, water bill up for now though.

Carrots: also can withstand low temps

Broccoli: any chance I get at cool weather, but does not stand a chance once it gets frosty. Maybe, 50F-ish. Maybe lower. If it’s a strong plant. Hard to say for sure. I keep fighting till the plant flops over.

Potatoes: the never ending struggle – also a 100-150 days to harvest

Turnips, of course. I am a southerner.

Radishes, on the side

Beans and Peas:  Such as Fava, Lintels, Garbanzo. And last of all Snow Peas. I am not real big on those types of Beans, but beans do make excellent fodder and have a way of fixing the ground. 

Collards and Spinach last but not least which taste even better went they get a little nipped.

PS: there are others, but I have learned to temper my enthusiasm.



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