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Pickleworm Moth has Arrived

on July 7, 2015
just a pretty pick

Just a pretty pic. This is not a pickleworm moth

It’s always a race to get my fair share of cucumbers before the pickleworm moth arrives and spurts out her wiggly offspring. And a real tear-jerker to take down an otherwise beautiful plant, but I got no use for wormy cukes.

There is probably a poison that I could spray on my cukes, but what’s the point? If I am going to spray insecticide all over them, I might as well buy them at the store.

Might try again in Septemberish or early Octoberish.


I conducted a top-secret experiment with my cukes this year. Feb 2015 —  I germinated a cuke plant inside — babied it, watered it, petted it. It grew-up skinny and about 2 feet tall before I transplanted on April 1.

In the same plot at the same time, I direct sowed (sewed, sewn, sown, whatever) cuke seeds.  It was not long before the direct planted cuke grew as tall as the babied one. And taller. (The babied one–being older–did try to put out some flowers first, but I deemed the plant too weak to support cukes and plucked the flowers off.)

As time passed, the direct planted cuke was prettier, healthier and more productive. Later, the babied one was the first to develop problems and pickleworms.

You know what that means? Next spring, I am going to cool my jets and wait until April to direct plant all cucumbers!!!

PS: should have taken a picture of my cukes before I tore them down. But I was …. upset. I know gardeners are visual, so I found a pretty photo in the stash. Camera are very helpful reminders in the garden.


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