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Cherry Pickle Juice

on July 7, 2015
cherry pick juice

cherry pick juice

I always like to keep my Pre-Made Pickle Juice on hand. Here’s a fun recipe that make the pickle come out slightly tinged with color and does not affect the taste very much.

First I start by boiling my pickling spices in one cup of vinegar and letting it steep. Then I drain the spices before adding the juice to the jar–mostly, because the spices can affect the color over time.

Then: Using a 1.5 Liter glass jar add:

  • Juice from drained pickling spices (mentioned above)
  • Juice from a 10 oz jar of Maraschino Cherries
  • 5 teaspoons of white Kyro Syrup
  • Fill the rest of the jar with White Vinegar

Later, when I have some cucumbers to pickle:

I boil the bottles, add Dill Seed to the bottom of each mason jar. Stack a couple of layers of slices on the bottom. Arrange a few cherries and add a sprig of Dill Weed from the garden. Stuff in more cuke slices. Top with the juice. And process in the normal manner.

This recipe if very mild, salt–less and not very sweet. That’s the way I like it.  But you get the idea. I might try lime or lemon and add some food coloring…….makes a unique gift too. Their just pretty on the plate.


green is my favorite color

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