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I smell Onions–aaah

on July 3, 2015
Spring Onion Bloom Pretty

Spring Onion Bloom

The biggest reason to save seeds: After several go-arounds you get a seed that is perfect for your garden.

Onion Bloom last spring. The weather helped. Warm, hot, cold. It makes the onion think that it has gone through several seasons, and whop — it blooms. Although, at this point, the onion is from which the bloom sprouts is not good for eating.  Leave the bloom on the stalk until the seeds turn black.

Onion Blooms Drying Not so pretty

Onion Blooms Drying
Not so pretty

When the seeds turn black, clip and place in a DRY container. And it doesn’t hurt to put a paper plate underneath. Ordinarily, I’d recommend labeling, but an onion seeds still smells like onion.

Leave to dry for a long time–weeks, months. Just do not seal them up with any hint of dampness. I do recommend taking them inside to dry. Less humidity.

Onions Seeds - Bam

Onions Seeds – Bam

Even with all the chaff, you can see that I have more onion seeds from one bloom than I could ever get out of store bought package.  Removing all the chaff – not totally necessary. You aren’t going to eat the seeds, after all.

Warning: Onion seeds only good for ONE year! No problem for me. These seeds will be going in the ground Septemberish.


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