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Mild Green Pepper Sauce

on June 30, 2015

So, I tried a new type of tomato plant this year, and now I am asking myself: Why did I do that? The plant looks good. The tomatoes are pretty. But they are just blah, tasteless bumps of nothing. Honestly, they go right to the compost bin.

Sometimes bad bugs (aphids, stink bugs, hornworms, etc.) can zap all the goody out of a plant. But none of that is true here. I have learned to plant tomatoes in a spot where I can get a 360 view and check them every day.

The plant is called Red Beefsteak Heirloom. Not only is it blah, but the consistency inside is wrong.  (could be my fault but I doubt it) So, I’m about to rip the plant out of the ground, but it is almost July. And July is no time to plant a new ‘mater plant, unless you want to baby it until September. And then it suddenly came to me: Pepper Sauce.  Maybe, ketchup and salsa too.

So, pick your green tomatoes after they have soften but before they turn red. (You could use red tomatoes but that would be more like salsa, and I am an evil conservative/traditionalist.) Drop them into boiling water and wait for the outer skin to blister. Remove and run cold water over them until you can handle them. Peel and dice. Put white vinegar into a blender–just enough to make it work. Dice up peppers. Be sure that the cayenne pepper get diced-up real small. Dump everything in blender and puree. Then cook on low until pasty.  Wa-Lah! Simple. Then process for canning.

Mild Pepper Sauce (makes 1 half pint)

round about, somewhat, approximation of ingredients

  • 5 green tomatoes
  • 12 banana peppers
  • 1 cayenne pepper 
  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar

It is amazing that it takes that much to make one 1/2 pint. And you will notice that I did not use any salt–high blood pressure, you know….basically, the reason that I got into gardening.



green is my favorite color

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