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Zone 8 Gardening

Late, late

on May 24, 2015

Wow, 2015 was the winter that did not want to go away. Even down here in the Deep South. My garden is about one month behind schedule. Nothing much to brag about yet, except raspberries, strawberries and turnips.

Might get some potatoes this year. Although I can’t let them stay in the ground much longer. At least that makes me feel better. Haven’t had any success with white potatoes before….Oooo, planted some sweet potatoes slips the other day. Looks like they are going to take.

How many potatoes can you get from a slip?

Tomatoes, peppers and cukes just peeking. Beans just beginning to flower. I am afraid the garden is so late this year that stuff is going to come in around the same time that the bad bugs get here: JUNE. It’s going to be a real battle.

Speaking of bugs: There is a surprising lack of insects this year–good and bad–with the exception of hover flies and a few aphids. Always aphids. I guess the hover flies are here to eat the aphids.. Hardly ever see a bee.  IT’S SPOOKY. As I write this, I hope I’ll wake up tomorrow and they will be here.


One response to “Late, late

  1. yellopig says:

    I know what you mean about the bees. I hardly saw any last year, and it _was_ kinda spooky. This year seems better: maybe because there’s been more rain, or maybe because I’m paying a lot more attention.

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