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Jan Garden-update

on January 23, 2015

Cayenne pepper that I started in September is about 6 inches tall and actually has one cute bloom.

Of the 3 banana peppers plants: one dead, one sick and one hanging on.

Jan 15th started germination of:

3 cukes – all starting to poke

4 eggplants – easing out reluctantly – no hurry there. Will have to wait until its warm before transplanting outside anyway.

1 Swiss Chard – just a button

6 Broccoli cups with multiple seeds, all popped out overnight. I made a mistake with the broccoli seeds. I thought I was working with beet seeds, and I crushed them gentle before plantings. Did not really think they were going to come up, but they did and quickly. Now what will I do????


only onions, garlic, carrots, beets and perennials still alive.

Planting spinach seeds today. The seeds can freeze, but if it warms up and the spinach starts to poke too early, it could be a disaster and I’ll have wasted a whole $2.00 packet of seeds. And that will just crush me from ever planting anything again.  😉

Soon, it will be more carrots, radishes, turnips and beets time. Then onward to potatoes.

And still I manage to spend time arguing politics. If you are interested in politics, check out this short youtube where Obozo tells a French reporter that the US is a muslim nation.



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