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on November 4, 2014

November 2014  Garden Update

As expected water turned out to be the big issue in October…meaning there wasn’t any.  November, as yet, is still dry.  You can water all you want…but there’s something magical about rain.

Onions – seems like all the onion seeds that I collected from the onion blooms appear to be 100% sprouting.  And that may be too much.  Luckily onions are very hardy.  I think I can pull (thin) without doing too much damage.

Potato plants in the front are doing well.  Not going crazy but well.  Get sun until about 4 p.m.

Sweet potatoes – still waiting until freezing temps to pull.  Vines turning brown. May go ahead and pull before freezing, especially if vines get too brown.

Tomato plant (Early Girl – indeterminate) is still loaded.  A virtual testament to good soil. The limbs are looking a little ragged, but whoa the T’s.

Cherry tomato (also indeterminate)plant turned out to hardly worth the trouble of pulling through the summer heat.  Next year, I’ll just have spring cherry tomatoes.

Broccoli plants only 2 feet high.  Have to wait a bit longer to decide on that. Maybe I planted them too late, or didn’t fertilize enough, or just haven’t given them enough time or water. ???????????  MAJOR QUESTION FOR ME.

Raspberry plant gives me a handful of berries–but only after I flood it with water. Should have put a hugelkulture(??) under the raspberries. You know a log buried in the ground.

Carrots that I planted in September poking.  Going to have plenty I think.

Banana & Sweet Pepper plants still putting out more than I can eat.

Garbanzo & Lentils–Nothing. Zip. Zero so far.  Just short fuzzy balls.

Beets are sloooowly rising.  Like the broccoli. There’s some trick that I don’t know yet.  Planted half plot with heirlooms and half plot with hybrids.  Heirlooms doing better.  what about that?  BUT THAT TRICK ABOUT CRACKING THE SEEDS BEFORE PLANTING IS ‘da bomb.’  After planting….I ain’t figured out yet.

Okra – finished, over.  Why are the plants are still standing?  Oh, yeah cause they are drawing the aphids – what few are left– away from everything else.  2 plants gave me..4 freezer bags…plus some dinners.  That’s enough for me, anyways.


  • Lantana still fab.
  • Guara a wonderful attraction for bees this late in the season and maintenance free.  Again, plenty of water is what they want.  I think when they bush out and fill in they will answer the fall flower question.
  • Butterfly Bush put out these big seeds with fuzzy parachutes.  Put a couple of split husks in a cup to hold until I figure out where to plant them or just wait til next year.

Everything else is as I expected.  Started a new plot after the Ebola stuff.  Of course, it takes more that digging.  Hey, at least, it got me off my ass.


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