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Lettuce and Slugs

on October 18, 2014
definitely homemade shelf

definitely homemade shelf

Okay, hang with me here.  This is about gardening in the end.  Recently I had to buy a new stove.  (Took some doing to find one that did not have Made in China on the side of the box.)  The new stove did not have a flat top, so I had to make a custom sized spice rack. (One thing leads to another, right?)  I did not want just a boring wood look, so I antiqued the wood. First, I cut all the piece to fit, then I shaved off all the sharp edges that would show, even taking the ax to it. Then I sanded it to prevent splinters. Then I used a rasp with 4 different patterns and tapped it over the wood.  Then I stained it, getting extra stain in the cracks. Then I hung it.  Nice. Looks like its been hanging there since 1950.

And that got me to thinking about LETTUCE….

Generally, I do not like to grow lettuce, because you have to keep it so damp that it attracts every slug in Alabama.  ICK.  But….. what if I used the same principle of antiquing wood around the plot?  What if I made the wood so rough and splintery that no self-respecting slug would slime over it?  What if I ratted-up the outside and top of the boards?  Yeah, I’m a super-genius.  Project Time!

Of course, said wood would be a slight hazard to me.  But I am a super-genius.


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