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Pepper Seedlings

on September 30, 2014
pepper seedlings

pepper seedlings

So, my pepper seeds have germinated.  At this point they are very delicate and prone to blossom-end rot.  But once again, doing this in September is easier than waiting until January.  At this point I spritz them with the Epsom Salt spray.  And I have topped the soil with a thin layer of sand.  In the photo, I have done three cups and left one just to show how thin a layer of sand that I’m using.

Seems like that took a long time, but I always forget:  Germination at this time of year takes maximum days. 

The sand should help with the blossom-end rot and prevent back-splash.  But it is also there to remind me to be gentle when I water.  I have a tiny watering can for this purpose, and my goal is to water so slowly that I do not disturb the sand.

Also I have the cups in a soda crate for good drainage.  And I have placed the entire flat in front of the fan (set on LOW) on the back porch, which is where it will stay until the plants are strong.  For some reason gnats love little baby seedlings, but the fan should keep them away. Everything is under the awning.  At this I don’t want any dampness, not even dew on the leaves.

P.S.  Another way to use this sand trick is to water from the bottom up by dipping the pots into a rain barrel.  When the sand starts to move quickly pull the pot out of the water.


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