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on September 29, 2014

Spring Holdovers: 

late september T/s

late september T/s

Tomatoes – Early Girl & Jelly Bean have started producing again.  I do not expect to get enough for canning, not like I did in the spring.  But that’s almost a relief.  I do not attribute this success with the variety of T’s I plant, but to the soil and the new arbors.

Banana Peppers – slowing down, so I have doubled up on the fertilizing.  I’ve made about $250.oo off the 5 pepper plants this year.  Hey, that buys a lot of manure.  Next year I should find a different place to grow them, but the B40 is really the best spot.  I begin to understand the farmer’s greed when it comes to a cash crop over what is the best thing for the ground.

Recently Planted

Onion Seeds

Onion Seeds

Sept 9 – Cukes –  The new cucumbers have not caught on yet.  May have waited too late, but I had to because of the pickleworm moth.

Sept 15 – Beans – Garbanzos & Lentils.  cool weather beans.  The lentils germinated in 24 hours.  I’m like What!!!???

Sept 10 – Broccoli – not doing much since I transplanted it…but then it has been cloudy without much rain.  Got some companion Nastriums waiting in cups as soon as the broccoli get tall enough.

Sept 24 – Beets – Already poking.  Cracked the shells without squishing the seeds and soaked them before planting.  Hope I get more.

Sept 20 – potatoes –  small group, but raring to go.  Leftovers from spring.  Them babies had so many eyes on them that I didn’t even cut them.

Sept 28 – Onions –  Seeds come from onion blooms that I collected from early summer.  No where on the packet did it say heirloom onions, so I don’t know what is going to happen….


Dill – not doing so well

Chives – going crazy

Cilantro – so cute

Parsley – thriving.  Next year the Monarch’s are going to freak.  I discovered that the Italian parsley grew back after the Monarchs left….always cool, when I get some too.





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