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on August 27, 2014

Transplanting chives from pots into the ground.

Starting cilantro in the pots that I just empty.

Starting more coneflowers and coreopsis in small pots, hopefully they will get big enough to transplant before winter.

Tomorrow will start cukes in the house and transplant as soon as they get big enough.  Say, end of Septemberish.  Hope the pickleworm moth is gone.

Starting a new plot of parsley.  I never get to eat any of my spring planted parsley–the Monarch caterpillars eat it all, so I thought maybe, maybe I could get some fall parsley. Parsley, only needs a hint of sunshine.  So, if you got that weird little corner that seems to be in the shade all day.  You know that spot that seems to always have green mold growing at the base of the wall.

Parsley is biennial.  Grows one season and seeds the next season.   (The Monarch caterpillars even hate my seeding parsley.  Damn their cute selves.)

I’m thinking about construction a tiered plot. Top tier leafing one year, bottom tier seeding.  Then vise versa…….have not quite worked that out in my head.  Not to mention finding a shady spot.


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