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Love the Night

on August 23, 2014

Pop-Quiz:  What’s more important, daytime temperatures or nighttime temperatures?   Nighttime temp, of course.  Nighttime temps below 75F gives the plants time to cool off and reset.  Animals and people need to cool down at night. too.

It is super hot today, but really this summer – over-all – has been fabulous, speaking in Zone 8 lingo.  Tonight’s temp expected to be 77F.  One of the hottest so far.  I can tell, too.  The plants are feeling it coming.

But Monday is suppose to bring cool air.  Hang on, baby.  Hang on.

I'm a little mason jar, short and fat

I’m a little mason jar, short and fat

The heat has brought me indoors to blog, surf and can tomatoes.  So I’m peeling the tomatoes, and I go:  Why am I peeling these tomatoes?  I hate this job.  So I consult the Internet Oracle, and near as I can research it:  I’m peeling the tomatoes so that my canned sauce will be smooth and creamy.  

Okay, now I feel dumb for asking the question, but I’m still anonymous, right?  No need to blush.  But I still hate peeling tomatoes.  So I dice some un-peeled tomatoes and put them through the blender.  Had to add a bit of water.

(But really.  Don’t you just hate it when you find yourself following the RULES, and you don’t know WHY you are following the RULES.)

Looks pretty smooth and creamy to me.  A lighter color than normal and a bit frothy, but the more I cook it, the darker it getting….  What’s the outcome?  I don’t know yet.

Oh, BTW:  I found some Ball mason jars that are pint size, but short and fat.  They fit into my pressure cooker.  Don’t bother looking for any in my town.  I’ve already cleaned off the shelves.  whahahah!


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