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What’s still Blooming (late summer @ MPOD)

on August 16, 2014

By Order of Popularity with Bees & Butterflies

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1.  Spearmint – I think its #1 because it just bloomed, and everybody’s checking it out.

2.  Guara – A native North American plant.  That’s my new thing:  I’m going native.  Read a couple of articles about how indigenous bugs don’t know what to do with exotics, and some exotic plants can actually be poisonous to them.  As soon as the weather breaks I’ll be transplanting these extremely low maintenance plants to as spot called ‘the un-loved spot.‘  AndI don’t care if they do take over the entire area.

3.  Zinnia – cut and come again.  Fabulous plant.



4.  Blackeyed Susans – Nearly effortless standbys.

5.  Cosmos – Not so many blooms but few still draw plenty.  Crazy tall plant.

6.  Four O’clock Flowers – Blooms only open sometimes.  I’ve see bees trying to force the flowers open.

7.  Jelly Bean Tomatoes – I never get to can JBs.  I just wash um and put um in a bowel.  We eat them like some folks eat grapes.  Hey, a lot cheaper.

8.  Lantana –  Not as popular as last year.  The winter almost killed um.  It took a long time for them to even peek out green.  Almost dug them up.

9.  Butterfly Weed – Only have a little.  I read they attract aphids, and they do.  Odd to see aphids on a flower.

10,  Okra – Hey, if its bloom, it still a flower, sort of.

11.  Buckwheat – usually a 12 week bloomer, so this is the last of succession planting. BTW:  late planted buckwheat stays really short for a long time.

12.  German Chamomile – Finally bloom, but not as pretty as the picture.  I think I need to prune it.

13.  Coneflower – Not as popular as it was.  I think the flowers have gone to seed.  There are some new buds.  Need to prune.  This will be the third time. First blooms were super-tall.  Took me by surprise.

14.  Peppers – Least popular with bugs, but big hit with me.

XX.  Beans – I really screwed up on the beans this year.  problems, problems.  Did not plant blacked eyed peas.

XX.  Parsley – Can’t bloom ’cause its been almost devoured by Monarch caterpillars.  The more I plant the more I get.  and they always overpopulate the plant.  I hate to interfere, but there would be more survivors if I did.



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