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Ant Killer Update

on August 10, 2014
bigger stick

bigger stick

I had a terrible thought last night when I went to bed:  What if a hummingbird took a sip of my sweet, yet deadly formula.  It would devastate me to kill a hummingbird.  So I went back to the store-bought bait traps for ants.  And I noticed that they have a twisty-turny neck design.  Almost like a ‘W’

The bottle that I showed you yesterday is now sitting inside an old suet basket.  I updated the picture on the previous post.

Also, I found another bottle with a really long neck, and I put a stick in it that’s big enough to keep hummingbirds out, but yet allows just enough room for an ant to get in.  Hummingbirds might have long beaks, but they’re not that long and they can’t bend.

But I might just be over-thinking this thing.  I should just refill the store-bought traps with my formula when they get empty.  That’ll work, until the plastic springs a leak.  Or until I can find something with a twisty-turny neck.

Perhaps, I’m being too cheap about this whole thing.  If you look up the word penny-pincher in the dictionary, it’ll have my picture beside it.




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