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Back40′ #2

on August 2, 2014
b40 Two

b40 Two

The second part of the back-40 really makes my arse want a dip of snuff — sorry, old country saying.  The ground has a slight grade to it, and this spells double trouble for me.  In the first place I have to keep one neighbor’s weeds from washing into my yard, and then I think most of the fertilizer and compost that I apply is washing away.  Even though I have banked the ground it still winds up in the wrong place.

Then what does not get washed away gets sucked up by my other neighbor’s oak trees.  These oak trees are gorgeous, shady, old  and they’ve never looked better–thanks to me—but their roots extend way into my yard.

Next year I am turning this part of MPOD over to flowers and herbs–except for the square of ground with the washing machine ditch.

Yep, the south side yard is much better.  Level.  Sunny.  No giant trees.  When I enhance the ground it stays where I put it.  When I water it or it rains, my crops get it all, 100%.  No question.  I set it up that way.

Of course this means a lot of labor for me…starting 5 new plots…whew.  Bu in the long-run  will I be happier.  And after the plots are dug everything will be…compact, close at hand, easy.  Does it sound like I’m amping myself up?  Yeah, I am.


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