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on August 2, 2014
Banana Peppers

Banana Peppers

MPOD has gone a little commercial.  Every Tuesday I clip banana peppers from four different plants and stuff the peppers into a quart zip-lock bag. Usually I add a few Jelly Bean Tomatoes to give the bag a pop of color.  Then my hubby sells the bags to his friends for $5.00 per.  In return my hubby buys 1 or 2 bags of manure/compost and brings it home.  Not exactly getting rich, but it helps.  And then I give the plants a little treat.

Funny, how things go around in circles….

b40 inner square

b40 inner square


Partial pictures of the back-forty.  Not particularly productive this year–except for the peppers–but then again I was trying new things.

This is where the washing-machine ditch runs all around this square.  Banana peppers always seem to love this nitrogen rich soil.

Better Boy Tomato plant produced a few tomatoes, delicious but not enough of them. (Perhaps not enough sun. I know it isn’t a lack of fertilization.) Sweet peppers in the front did well.

Zucchini not so hot…a first time for me and obviously I have not quite got the knack.  (Something wrong at the base of the plant. Might be fungus.????)  Funny I’m always reading comics about people having too much zucchini….?…

The Scarlet Amaranth in the back of the raised bed — and quite a bit taller than I expected– produce beautiful blooms or seeds or whatever you call them.  I don’t know how it did it.   Cucumber beetles attacked the leaves so hard that they are riddled with holes.  Everyday I’d go out and clap my hands on the leaves to kill as many beetles as I could and everyday there’d be more.  Still the amaranth grew despite all that abuse and acted like a sacrificial plant and that’s the way I began to think of it.  The beetles loved it so much that they left the zucchini right next to it and some nearby cukes alone.

+ zinnias, blackeyed susans, yarrow and lemon balm.



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