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on July 28, 2014
lightening bug

lightening bug

Well, the last of my cukes have pickleworms, and the beans are loaded with aphids.

 On the flip-side, the hummingbirds are constantly at the big yellow flowers on the cukes.  And the beans have ladybugs.

What are the hummingbirds so interested in?  Are the simply collecting pollen, or are they eating pickleworm larva and collecting pollen.  They don’t seem to be very interested in the hummingbird feeder this year.

Now that I have killed most–not all–of the ants, the bean vines are loaded with ladybugs.  Those bright red ones.  Beautiful.

I said that I was going to tear down the cukes when the pickleworms arrived at the last bastion in the garden, but I find this whole process of life too interesting to do that. What’s going to happen?  I don’t know.  Okay, maybe the cukes aren’t for me anymore.  But i can rip them open and expose that horrid worms to some critter out  there who would love to eat it.  Why be greedy?  I had plenty of cukes.

The whole of MPOD is alive with insects and birds and lizards and things I’ve never seen before.  I even found tree-frog eggs on the lemon basil. (???)  Of course, they disappeared before the day was over.  Dried up.  Got eaten.  I don’t know.  And last night..the tree-frogs threw down a big bash.  It was sooo loud.  I’m like shuttt-up, already.  

And lightening bugs.  Oh yeah.  They’re so amusing, I looked them up, just so I would not accidentally kill one in the daytime.

MPOD is a completely different place that it was 3 years ago.  Compared to what it is now–in retrospect–MPOD was was sterile–a Dead Zone before I started gardening…  It is funny how things you do–or don’t do–can have such far reaching and unexpected results…maybe even farther that you’ll ever be aware of.

More than food….this is the ultimate reward of gardening.  Maybe, I can’t save the world.  But I can do this thing.  


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