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on July 20, 2014

concrete reinforcement

HD calls this a  42″ x 84″ steel wire re-mesh sheet.  It has 14 squares one way and 7 squares the other.  The most common use for it is to reinforce concrete. It will already be rusty when you buy it.  Price: $7.99.  And I think they’ll still be here when I’m dead and gone…so much better than what is sold in the gardening section.

Re-mesh sheet is bendable.  Warning:  One bend.  Bend it twice in the same place and it will snap.  Ideal for beans and cucumbers, the tall way.  This is rusty metal, so mind your manners, especially when bending it:  shoes and gloves.

cukes and props

This photo depicts a CF.  Experiment gone awry, but it has taught me a valuable lesson.  A cucumber vine will apparently grow as high as the prop I provide for it.  Of course there’s no reason to go over my reach, but up one side and down the other would be nice, and the trick to that is sunshine on one side in the a.m. and sunshine on the other in the p.m.–so an East/West orientation.


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