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Best Garden Set Up 2014

on July 16, 2014

best setup

Uber best setup.  Will repeat.  

  • 4 x 4 plots
  • 3 feet of walking space between each plot–sounds like a lot, but really isn’t.
  • straight line allows easy mowing 360 degrees.

From time to time a small problem with slugs here.  I think its because of the bushes along the fence.

  • Refresh mulch often
  • Keep one foot perimeter of dead grass around each plot.

Plot 1 = raspberries – permanent.  The entire plot as settled to a level lower that the yard.  Not happy about that, but plants don’t seem to mind.  Also not happy with the string supports-working but unattractive.  Got to put my brain to work on that.

Plot 2. Field peas – mostly greenery so far.  Probably hybrid.  Marked container of peas as green mulch only.  But there’s still hope, not much but have seen a few blossoms.  Oh, well.  Will make great green manure.  Win a few lose a few.

Plot 3.  Crowder peas to the left.  Last cucumbers to the right–still hanging on.  Expect to meet the pickleworm here any day.  When I do, I’ll take it all down and make this the first plot for winter crops.

Dwarf Apple Tree:  No fruit yet.  Topped it a couple of weeks ago to keep it dwarfed.  Working well.  Deciduous tree, so it doesn’t interfere with winter garden.

Plot 4.  Jelly Bean Tomato.  Arbor.  Performance so-so.  Not surprised.  Above ground bed only.  Next winter  i need to deepen plot.

Plot 5.  Early Girl Tomato.  All Star Plant.  Too bad its a hybrid or I’d be saving seeds.


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